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June 19, 2020

eLearning Center Social Media

Friday, 19 June 2020

Post 1: Thursday, June 4

Check it out… WIX just launched a new, modern version of our Filtration eLearning Center! It is an excellent platform to gain insight into oil, fuel and air filtration, coolant and hydraulic filtration systems, as well as specialty topics.

The free courses provide intensive, specialized training about filtration, including filter construction, system functions and performance dynamics. The eLearning Center is available online to audiences near and far, with modules offered in English, Spanish and French. To take advantage of the WIX eLearning platform, visit WIX eLearning Center.

Post 2 (Three week reminder, post launch): Tuesday, June 23

Become a WIX Filters Certified Filtration Specialist! Take our 7 eLearning modules, and earn at least 80% on course-ending quizzes to earn the title and distinguish yourself as a provider of excellent filtration knowledge and customer service.

Start your training today at WIX eLearning Center. You’ll gain access to multiple curriculum levels specific to the world of filtration, available in English, Spanish and French. The platform provides creative animations, new diagrams, and updated product information. It’s all pulled together under a modernized interface, with simple navigation and clear demonstration of complex filtration concepts. Check out our program today!